Segway In Paradise Tours

Who's it for?

Everyone! Family and Friends (Ages 14 & Up) Our individual transporters make it fun and interesting to visit the golden triangle, not just for visitors who come here but also for native Pittsburgh'ers.

Our tours are perfect for corporate clients with a unique experience while showcasing the city.

You will have a blast zooming around familiar streets on a segway. Before the tour we train everyone how to ride and we have you on your own segway in a matter of minutes. It is easy to learn how to use the Segway and once you know the basics you'll be zoomin' around in no time.

Tour Routes

- Northside Tour (View Route)

- Adventure Tour (View Route)

- Classic and Sunset Tour ( View Route )

NEW for 2014! 
  45 Min. Glide     90 Min. Experience     Night Time Tour

Tour Guides



Bennie Blue

Travis Walker

R.P McMurphy




All riders must wear a flat bottomed shoe with closed toe or a sandal with a strap around the heel. *Anyone wearing an open toe form of shoe is at a much higher risk of injury. If you choose to wear open toe shoe, you do so at your own risk.

More Questions?

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Even Kennywood's Parker the Arrow, is enjoying a glide on one of our S
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Take a tour and see the sights that Pittsburgh has to offer. 
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So you can use a Segway on a sidewalk but you can't ride a skateboard?
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